I had to arrange an appointment to talk to my doctor about my mental health. I'm scared.


i think ur good . if u arranged an appointment its a good sign
What if they try and medicate me?
Medication for depression?
I've taking meds for depression and enxiety on and off for 10 years. It helps in the beggining when things are really bad. With meds you can focus better with the issue at hand.
The reason I took meds on and off for ages is ebcause I never had therapy to help me to get better. Meds is not the cure. If it is really bad for you and you can't get out of bed, meds help, but therapy is what you need in the long run.
It will be okay. You reached out and that is the a REALLY good start ❤️
Thank you for your reassurance 💕 it's definitely soothed me slightly
Therapy does not help, why y'all keep saying that it's just a waste of time
I had many therapists that didn't help, but finally I got one that helped a lot!
What was different?
Most just listen, the last one was mostly psychotherapy - meaning that they go deeper. For me understanding helps me a lot.