I feel so cold...I feel as if I'm turning into one of my girlfriends ex's...I took my anger out from my parents and threw it at her....I feel like such a peice of shit...I haven't slept a wink all night....I feel horrible..ig I really am no different then her ex's....I can't even make her smile really smile lately....all I see is hurt and sadness in her eyes...because of me she's hurting...because of me she's sad...I feel like such trash...why..


Why don't you express this to her?
Maybe write her a poem or write something down like this and let her know how you're feeling and say sorry and maybe get her a rose to go with it. Once you do that, don't ever do that again.
She just said that when she's away from me she never knows if I love her and before that said she doesn't fell like I love her
Did you even read anything else I said?
Yes I did
I just was on the phone with her everything better now thank u
That's good, glad you two are okay now
same she means so much to me