I feel like there's so much pressure to be on social media :(


What do you mean when you say "pressure"? Do you mean from friends? Or in general, because that's what others are doing?
In general. My family and in my relationships everyone is so addicted to social media. They do things every day just to "post" it. No one really wants to spend time together and I feel left out
That's really bad. Have you ever told them that their behaviour is making you feel this way?
No because I feel like its not there fault I have social media anxiety lol
They don't really spend time with each other, and that's actually bad - I can see why you feel pressured to be on social media. Is it to fit in and somehow find another place to "hang out"?
I guess to fit in. I dont have any friends (zero) but every time I meet someone there so unrelatable to me because they either are all about being on social media that it consumes their time or the one friend I almost had who was driving me crazy about this pyramid get rich quick scheme. And me, I just want to go the park and lay in the grass or just enjoy life as much as possible. Not spend my days trying to be internet famous.
I dont know maybe im overthinking it
Im allowing it to make me feel like my simple life isnt good enough and I need to be doing what everyone else is doing
You have reached the right conclusion. Don't make yourself think that your simple life isn't good; in fact, it's better. Social media usually just causes envy and instills this feeling of "If I only had that" in a person.
That said, continue to reach out. I'm sure you'll find someone who has similar interests or at the very least respects your way of thinking.
Plus, fame itself hardly brings happiness, whether it be internet or real life famous.
Your so right! Thanks :)
No problem. Btw, I have similar interests. Simple things can be so fulfilling. Like taking a walk in a park and observing others.
I love stuff like that! And just watching nature in general. I walked outside the other day and saw this beautiful bird called a spotted dove land on a tree branch. It wa so captivating I just stopped and watched it lol
Yes! Even sparrows are captivating! I love to look at the sky, especially at nights. It makes me feel safe and not so alone and makes me realise that the world is so vast, the opportunities endless. The feeling is ... indescribable
My happiest memories revolve around being in nature, taking a walk, and observing. I'll never forget the time I was sitting on a swing, thinking, saw a mother with her children walk by. The leaves of the trees around me were rustling, and the clouds above me were moving. And suddenly it started to rain
I had to run back home, my clothes damp. But the memory is as fresh as if it were yesterday. People hardly understand my need to be in nature.
Well I understand your need because I have that seem need like longing or yearning to be in nature. I feel at home almost. Even when it rains unless is pouring I dont bother with an umbrella. Its like nature's shower lol and I always take the trash out at night so I can watch the sky while im walking. It truly is vast and beautifully indescribable.
I have similar memories as you with being outdoors and the details are so clear as if it just happened today! Lol
This morning I was reading about guardian angels and how they send you signs so you know theyre with you and one sign is seeing a dove a feather but I was sitting next to the window while reading this and just as a read it a bird hit the window and flew away like it was trying to fly inside! Lol
I was so speechless
**a dove 'or' a feather (also a butterfly)
Poor bird! But hey, guardian angels are on the watch, although their signals are clumsy
I was so happy when I watched sun rise behind the mountains once. It made a silhouette and an orange halo around it. Plus, there was the relaxing sound of the river flowing and birds rising. The city at rhe heart of nature was waking up. It truly relaxed me.
Aaand I got to take pictures! Which was a bonus
Life without nature and the steadiness it brings to our fast lifestyles is just depressing.
That sound sooo beautiful and peaceful. I would cherish those pictures and make an awesome photo album
Thats the kind of place I lonnnng to be listening to a stream watching the sun rise or set I bet you really enjoyed it
Your reminding me soooo much of a months ago every morning I would drive towards the east coast getting to watch the sunrise every morning was the best. It felt so awakening I cant really explain it
I agree on life without nature would be so unhappy I wish I could express this to those around me but now im just hoping that I meet a friend like you who shares our love for the simple life
Hopefully, you will find someone! I haven't found a nature loving person either, except for that one friend who lives far away. But I am hopeful!
All we can do is hope lol but I feel so good now. Thank you!!! ❤ Im just gonna stay true to myself and focus on what makes me feel good inside
That's the spirit!
It was great talking to you.
It was really great talking to you too. We can keep this chat open and just talk talk about stuff anytime. If you want lol
Positive, good-feeling conversation. Like if you any really cool experiences you want to share. Im all ears
Count me in
And same goes for you
So like... should we continue or leave it for another day?