I don't wanna die and don't wanna live anymore I don't have a specific reason to see the upcoming days and yet I am so terrified of doing it and getting over with it. I know I have brought disappointment to anyone who knows me...


Believe in yourself there are a lot of people who love you and care about you try and get out and talk to somr freinds
I am sure if you just talk to them they will understand what you are going through remember things always get better
I hurt everyone who got close to me. friends, lovers, coworkers. so I left them all. It's just me now. I have no one to talk to. sometimes a day passes and I haven't uttered a word to anyone..
i dont deserve my life. I wanna give it back. I don't know what to do with it anymore.
Hey GT, you aren’t alone. I’m going through the same thing. Want to talk about it?
I am not exactly the one who talks about their feelings and yet I am here talking. what are you going through?
Me too. I thought I’d be so stubborn about it, but I found myself opening to my family recently. My thoughts, destroy me when people aren’t around. I feel really happy sometimes, and I also feel like I don’t belong here. If I wasn’t God-fearing, I probably would have been gone by now.
I live alone far from my family. they wouldn't understand even if I talked to them. we have barely talked in the last decade. I too am happy sometimes. am scared most of the times. am sad all the time. right now, these days, I am ashamed. of who I am. of who I have become. of all the potential all the things that was given to me and I have squandered it all. of all the people who trusted me and I betrayed their trust.
Same here. I’ve been feeling less ambitious lately. And to be honest. I couldn’t care less if I was successful. Sure I may go through college. But after that. I might go off the grid. I don’t really know. I’m just a teenager so it might change but, to me, living free in the wilderness seems amazing. Being carefree, just me nature and Jesus. As well as my angel.
All of these man-made things. Humans could live without. I’d be happy to live free the way I want in a village or tribe, led by God.
My phone. I used it a lot, I’m told I use it too much. That’s only because I’m bored and I need to distract myself from my thoughts.
sorry, got kinda religious there.😅
it's fine. at least you have something to believe in. I seem to have lost every bit of hope. I just see myself as a bunch of particles glued together by shame and uselessness.
I was at that point too. When I was 12
I guess I’ve gotten a bit better, but my wish to leave is still here.
I've come a long way from being 12 tho
Oh..you’re an adult now?
You talk like one.🙃
adult would be an over exaggeration of what I am but I guess in terms of numbers, yes.
Oh, okay. So then what are you?
a failure. not in terms of career or finance. in terms of what I feel about myself inside. or better say, what I don't feel anymore.
Hm. I as much as I want to sugarcoat this for you, I can’t. No one can. You can be optimistic if you feel like a failure. Believe me I’ve tried..
you don't need to sugarcoat it. I don't want you to be an audience of me rambling about how broken my life has become. I don't wanna hurt anybody and yet I do when I get close to them.
No, it’s okay. I like to listen to people. Problems or none.
I like to think about how they perceive life.