I don’t miss my ex. I miss the feeling, the feeling of closeness, Love, knowing I’m not alone


I’m 13, and I’ve been feeling the same way. I know God took him away from me because he knew what his intentions were. Like you, I don’t miss him. I miss the amazing feeling of being wanted by someone who took the effort to make you feel wanted. I hate this feeling. It was long distance btw. And to this day. I don’t know if he really loved me. And that’s what makes me hurt.
I’m actually 13 too. I don’t miss my ex because he cheated on me. I only miss the way it felt to wake up and look forward to talking to him and seeing him, or someone being the reason I could never sleep at night.
Sad though
Tell me about it. We beginners shouldn’t be treated this way.
Right! Too young to be treated this wy
Wait. Was he your first?
First boyfriend?
Was the guy you’re talking about yours v
Well sorta. I said I didn’t want to date because I was too young. But after time I started to feel like his girlfriend, even if I wasn’t formally asked. That’s the part that sucked.
He’s a freshman in highschool now.
And your an 8th grader (?)
Are you?
The boy I’m talking about was like my 5th boyfriend, what sucks is we go to the same school, and I’ve run into him since we’ve been broken up. I miss him but at the same time I don’t want to. And yes I am.
I’m glad I don’t have to see mines.. ugh I’d make it so awkward.😐
When I see him I just walk past. We had a rough relationship but at the same time I was good. My heart races when I see him because I get scared. I was nearly forced to break up with him. But I’m sorta glad I did because as I said, he cheated.
Did you notice any red flags beforehand?
I noticed all of mines AFTERWARDS. Fail right...?🤦‍♀️
Sorta, while we were dating he blocked me on Facebook (not my preferred communication app) and claimed his dad did it, but while at school we didn’t talk. All through out I’m disappointed I wasn’t smart enough to think “who does he talk to if it’s not me?” And I’m 99.9% sure it’s the female he is with now. I also I know it’s bitchy but she’s a downgrade..
Also no, it’s not fail. I’ve seen plenty of things wrong with my ex’s after the relationship. Sometimes you’re so caught up in feeling that you don’t want to believe anything bad about the person , but it happens
Honestly, saying he got a downgrade ain’t bitchy. If you think then, you just think so. No harm in that. As long as the newbie don’t find out.😐 Same thing happened to me too. Except he deleted me off his sc. didn’t reach out for a month. Then told me his phone broke. (Total lie. I lie about my printer being broken when I forget to print my assignments) Then I found him on Instagram, and reached out to him again. Told him he owed me an explanation.
He reached out to me again, mentioning my post and all that. Then we started talking again. Told me he took a break from girls. (Me in my head: YOU DIDNT THINK TO TELL ME... YOU LEFT ME HANGIN FOR A DAMN MONTH AND DIDNT THINK TO SAY SQUAT.)
I was pissed.
I mean I’m not cute, but she’s no better, people have also said she’s a hoe, so if he gets broken like he broke me, I could careless. He had the nerve (during the relationship) to accuse me and tell everyone I cheated on him, but couldn’t provide when or with who. He constantly made me cry because he just didn’t talk to me, partly I was my fault too but not just mine.
We took 2 breaks in the relationship over small petty things, then got back together, but shortly (like very shortly) ended up breaking up for good
I’ve never spoken to him since, but I talk to his best friend (whom I’m good friends with) people say I act different and mean and they claim he took away my emotions, but I’m not shre
Boys these days. Need to learn to talk to us. We can’t read their minds.🙄
That’s so true 🙄🙄
Nah. Prolly not. You are the way you are. My three main are: Super happy|Angry as hell|I ain’t talkin so don’t bother. 3.
Nvm. Gah I always do that.
No its fine
Welcome ? 😌