I believe in lives after this one. I love him too much to just have one lifetime with him. I will find him in the next one. An eternity together is what I seek


I love him too much for this to be all the time we have
Idk I just can't imagine that this is all we get
You know?
Ugh I wanted an eternity with her but it's never an eternity
Why not? What happened?
it's always less than what you want
She tells me it's cause her dad found out about us and she felt like it'd be better to break up, but I'm almost positive it's cause she doesn't like me anymore
She just stopped talking
Have you been dating for a long time?
I'm so sorry
Long enough for me to feel like we would last for a long time more
It sucks when you feel like it'll be an eternity, then it ends
Why doesn't her Dad approve
He's really abusive
That's not good
I try texting her but she just ignores it
I'm so sorry about that. Like did something cause it initially? Or is he Dad just crazy?
Just a dick
It's just learned behaviors
How long were you together
Like five or six months, it doesn't sound like much but I really really loved her
No I can understand. Are you a boy or a girl?
I'm really sorry bro
I'll get over it eventually, but it won't be easy
That's a good mentality
Yeah. She's not the one.