I am not liking the things that are happening with me 😐😐things aren't working like i wanted to... And it continues forever 😩


I know how you feel, what's causing you to feel like this?
Everything that is round me.... 😞😞either I mess up everything which lasts longer and irritates me or the things anyhow messes up and due to all such things half of my life and time passes away with depression and sadness 😩😩
Change your surroundings
I don't have any magic wand with me... If I had i think I could have changed everything ASAP
Is there anything specific you don't like
There are many things that I don't like but out of those Attachments and some people are there whom I hardly like
Sometimes it's best to cut people out of your life who are no good, but I know that's sometimes easier said than done
Exactly 😕😕..
What kind of situation have you been through?
Depends which kind of situation you mean, I've been through a few.
Hmm I got it...