I am missing someone a lot right now.i need that person but things are not the same between us anymore.what do I do?


A lot of people keep their feelings to themselves because they're tired of pouring their hearts out to the wrong person.
Exactly what I feel
Its alright. I feel the same way too, but what do you mean things aren't the same between you two?
We were best friends
We helped each other so much
It benefitted us both to achieve difficult targets together. We did group study..decided common topics for the day n did it .it was a great motivation
Then what happened? What exactly changed between you?
He started having feelings for me..but I didn't. When he confessed that to me I was so shocked n I just didn't talk to him for a month.that broke him.but I didn't do that intentionally
I miss him .he was my best friend..i wanted him like that..but he was not getting comfortable with me so I also said that I had feelings for me which I never had.but I wanted to make things like it was.i think I did wrong
I don't hate him..but I don't love him either..not as a boy friend..it is different feeling.. honestly I never felt that..but I dont want to lose him..neither do I want to play with his feelings.. is not talking the only solution?
Am I making sense?
Oh my god
The same exact thing happened to me this week and i feel miserable for it
What's your name? If you don't mind me asking
Name doesn't make any difference
What happened with you?