For Halloween I really want to wear this penguin costume and I showed a picture of it to my friend but she said it was stupid and that I was dumb for even considering wearing it. Should I still wear or it or should I come up with something else?


Wear ir
I think u should do what YOU want, not what ypur friend tells you. If you really wan it go ahead, use it and have fun🙂 but if u are not sure... then dont
Just wear it! Fuck them (not literally)! And if you get self conscious just tell them you're wearing it ironically and then when they walk away just whisper to yourself: jokes on you, I'm wearing it it unironically because I'm a badass fuckin penguin
Do what you please. Your friends opinion doesn't matter
If you like it then you should wear it! That was mean of your friend to say,
but it that shouldn't stop you from liking it - sounds like a great costume :)