Flng unhappy bks ystrdy bfre nyt my bsty told a lie n, tht thng to mch hurtng me for 2dys n,i dnt knw wt wll i do nw n my bsty syng sorry n syng pls give me 1 chnce i nvr do ths again. N serusly dont knw nw i forgve him or nt bks tht thng really hurtng me he told a lie fr no resn๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜–flng alone n me really cryng for 2dys n he sid dnt cry i knw my mstk pls frgve me last tym plss suggst me wt i do?


Why do you type like that..
Are you afraid of vowels
I used short form,thts why
Flng depressd
At ths tym
Pls tell me now. M confused
N m crying. Also
Mhm can't help if I can't read it but I'll try my best
Yesterday before night my best friend told me a lie.
And that thing hurting me too much
And he tries to smile on my face and said i am sorry please give me a one chance i never do this again please
And i donot understand now what i do
Because him lie now hurting me alot n dont undersatand i forgive him or not
Or i again trust on him or nt?
please help me at ths time i m really depressed
At this time he is in amritsar wd their friends for hanging out
Thts the main reason he told a lie