Everyone of my friends ignore me when I am at my lowest point yet I am still there for every single one of them.


This is currently happening to me. So I know that feel bro. So desperate that I've resorted to talking to random people about it. I dont know the reasons for you being at your low point but it'll get better. All I'm hoping for is to be at a better place and meet new people to make new friends, whom I can rely my life on.
Are you able to say you need help? That is my problem .. always a brace face
Yes I am but they still ignore me
Then they aren't real friends
I know
Yet I can’t stop hanging out with them because of the old memories I share with them
It is hard to widen that circle sometimes too
Dude honestly u need a new approach to life. Stop hanging with those bastards!...u r matter and u need to be valued. Fu** them
Maybe you can still be friends with them but also have other new freinds when they are ignoring you in my point of view those are not true friends but if you don't want to lose all the memories you have made with them just try talking to them about the problem maybe they made a mistake so just tell them that you felt left out .