Does anyone else sometimes feel uncertain about what to do with your hands, in a public/social setting? I just quit smoking, and it's something I feel really insecure about. Any advice would be appreciated...


Kinda same,I didn't knew what to do with my sight and what to focus ny eyes on without my phone in the public place,but its kinda getting better over time
I usually try to find some people to talk to,that keeps me chill
So I suggest you to find something new that doesn't bother your health condition
Use your hands to talk maybe?
I use my hand to talk most of the time lmao
I got myself a fidgit cube. I know they're all the stupid hype lately. But it really helps me. I have really bad anxiety and when I'm upset I scratch. The cube keeps my fingers occupied. It's like a dice cube rash side has something different. It's small enough to fit nicely in your hand and not draw attentiom
Thank you, for all the suggestions. It actually makes me feel a little better to know that I'm not alone in my insecurity...