Do you ever just look at yourself and feel disgusted?


nop never
why dy feel distgusted
Haha sometimes! Especially when I eat a whole tub of cream cheese. Why do you feel disgusted?
I’m just tired of myself
I don’t see anything good
No one wants to be around me
Everyone is leaving
I hate this cause now all I see is me
I’m sorry to hear that :)
I’m sure that’s not true... sometimes in life people just move away from each other. Can’t be helped. I don’t know much about your situation, bht tgi awesome opportunity to start afresh, meet some new people!
but this could be an*
I’m afraid of being hurt by people
Mmm yes that’s always a risk... but if you find those rare gems of people just perfect for you, it’s worth it ❤️
They’ll eventually forget about you though