Do u ever feel like all the late nights and hard work u put into homework means nothing when u can just write down random stuff and somehow do extremely better?


You care way to much about school
Ya i know 😔
Dude I completely relate, but if you just keep at it you’ll either figure it out, or just make it through the course/class. I get the struggle, though. When I took Algebra I had a C in that class no matter how hard I tried. I could study all night and get no where. It sucked ass. I passed though so I stopped caring, but it was still annoying that all the work I put in didn’t get me anywhere.
Omg i had a C in algebra 1 too what a coincidence
The random stuff is just payoff for all that hard work
Algebra 1 is tough as hell. I am usually an AB honor roll student, but that class killed my good grade streak.
Omg i am toooooooo
First c i had in 4 years
Next year ill be an AP and honors student 😐
Nice, dude. I took Algebra 1 honors and had the C in there. I didn’t have any difficulty with my other classes though. I’m taking normal math classes now due to it, and I’m taking AP/honors in every other class that has an advanced option.
What grade are you? I’m a sophomore.
Omg i MUST be texting myself 😐.....
Hahaha that’s amazing.
Im amazed how many people ive meet on this app 😂👍
Honestly I haven’t met anyone Bc I haven’t been using it regularly. I need to though. 😂 seems like there are some pretty cool people here.
I thought id just meet a bunch of weirdos but to be honest I haven’t met one weirdo yet👍
I kinda figured Bc it was a mood tracking app I’d find people with crazy mindsets and like awful problems, but it’s just been normal problems that I get. I was really surprised lmao.
So why’d you get the app in the first place? Just need a spot to vent?
No actually my friend recommended it to me because I get an a bad habit of ranting a lot and it gets to the point where my friends just leave the conversation 😂 just random Conversation hopping
Hey man that works. I rant a lot, but I have to find that person who will listen lmao. I got the app Bc I was feeling real depressed at one point with some stuff that I can’t talk about to family and friends. So I figured an anonymous app would let me vent without people judging. 🤷‍♀️ It’s worked pretty well so far. 😂
And u figured right
Do the conversations delete after a while ???
I’m not sure. Why do you ask?
I think they do Bc some of my old ones don’t show up anymore.
Because if they don’t delete after a while I get really lazy and don’t get rid of them myself and then they get all mixed up
Also I’d like to keep the ones of people who make really good conversation
Ahh. Dude that makes sense.
I wish there was like a private messaging thing on here. 😂
I guess just on the app stire write a review?????
Hecc yes dude. Imma go on the Apple store now. 😂
I don’t think I’ve left a review before that. 😂 I don’t typically leave responses for apps.
Me either
That was my first
Lmao that’s awesome