Can anyone influence me on stories on how theg went from stressful retail to happily working from home instead OR transitioned from retail into a job/career they love? I need positive feedback due to my life being drained at 25 that doesnr know anything about the real world living with a controlling naracisst mother with her abusive, thug boyfriend who rules the house due to my mom being stupid and I still fear her. I seriously want a change me


I hated my retail job too.. about a year ago I chose to become a dental assistant and it's awesome.. hour lunch breaks most dental offices are closed on weekends and holidays as well.... I'm much happier. I went from making $9/hr to now $15/hr
The dental assisting program I chose took 6 months to complete and it sucked having to work while going to school . Deff worth it now though
I'm so proud that you achieved those 6 months and your story. Hopefully that can be me as well and include some type of program that I'm good at or have experience. I do have a lot of art/digital drawong animation skills, I'm told that I would make a great massage therapists (I do it for my mother, grandma, and aunt), and do like being front of a computer I can operate.
1 hour lunches? Wowzers! :D Since I'm on disability due to me having a severe open surgery a couple months ago and was recommended by my doctor to wait until next year for work or only do light working, I have plently of time but still research on what I see myself doing for the rest of my life. Also, be happy and try to be away without my naracisst mother's assistance nor have to deal with being in this hell hole of a home.
I also can't see myself being in another customer service/retail job when I fully recover. Too many bad experiences with these looney people and I often get run over by managers or other ghetto acting co'-workers that go unnoticed. Even though Im the most hard working and amicable person.
I'll get sick again anyway due to the stress with PTSD.