Bored and not sleepy Anyone wants to talk?


Nothing such! What about you?
Nothing much
You must be from some place east of India
Am I right?
So this chat is going to be a guessing game?
Just tell me if I am right or not
R u frm India?
Answer my question first please
What is the basis of ur guess?
You tell me if I am right or not
Why do you want to know?
I want to know if I am right, that's all
Yes .n it's surprising!
How did u guess that ?
You said you were not sleepy so it must be late in your place
And it was about 10 30 in India, so I just took a guess
Smart enough!
I have to be
Tell me something about yourself
As in?
U can ask ..i wl answer. Except any personal details
Oh, What is your biggest fear?
I am Akhil by the way
I don't know exactly !may be the fear of losing a family member
Hi Akhil..which state?
Studying in Delhi
You from India too?
Yes..ur guess was right I said
Yup, sorry
I can also be stupid at times
Oops I read it wrong
U wrote east of india
My mistake
What mistake
Leave it
So tell me
How many languages u know?
Don't I get to know your name? Plucky caterpillar is not catchy
Who's ur favorite actress ?
I can speak 4, read 3
I don't have any favorite actress or actor
What about you
Actually 4
But I can speak only two of I learned it from my friends so I can just understand
That's nice
What is your name?
U skipped my question about fav actress
I did not
You skipped my question about your name
Bcoz I wl tell u to knw me by that name ..that would definitely be catchy to u
I don't understand
Let it be
Is name also something that is personal?
Then I apologized for asking your name
Oh no...not at all
Tbh m done with people..that's why m talking here
Being anonymous makes me feel Better
Well, I am a person too. Yeah as string of ideas here but those ideas do have a face
Oh, then I should not have said my name. Kinda ruined the anonymity
I get attached to easily n so people break me after knowing me! So I have been avoiding any kind of conversation or chatting with people I know
Plz dnt mind
Why do you feel that way. Have everyone you have ever known been cruel to you?
I don't mind at all. Infact, I once also loved being anonymous, but then it got boring after a while
I dnt knw how to explain
But yes I had really bad experiences
I was a very talkative and straight forward secrets nothing
Buy now I like to be alone..that doesn't mean I dnt want to talk
I do understand, so now talking to you is like exchanging ideas
Nothing more
Hope m not annoying u
Nope, I am usually the annoying one. I am also rude at times
I feel being stupid.there is no big deal in telling my name
But the app is designed very well n they give u names for a reason..a comforting one
What if I tell u this is my first anonymous chat ever
I like my name... Self confident
I didn't had an option to chose
And I will tell you that you are infact lucky, plucky
See what I did there
Lucky, plucky.... It rhymes
Sorry, I am kinda weird like that
Usually no one gets into a conversation in this app.
I am one of the very few who try
I had suddenly stopped talking frm a lot to nothing at i was feeling terrible..Thanx for responding
Hmm why
Why did you stop talking
Getting hurt is just part of life
I love talking n I need someone for talking I can't do that alone unless m insane person
So I had this fear that People would judge me n tag me an attention seeker
Why would they do that
Let's change the topic..i don't want to get depressed anyway
Wanna talk about love and pain that follows it
Or is anime a better topic
Follows what?
Follows love
Would u like to tell me about ur thoughts an ideas?
You ready to listen
I am an introvert, so I have problems communicating with people or being with them. So I used to chat on WhatsApp a lot. Because you are not a person in WhatsApp but a group of ideas. So I kept on using Whatsapp and I was completely different in person, ie quiet and introverted but very talkative in WhatsApp. So people started calling me a coward and also said I have multiple personality disorder
But it was not true. I am no coward. I just did not like to get personal with others.
I struggled with my self esteem because people thought I was weak and made fun of me. Because back then I was fat
One day, I met a girl online in FB who was my childhood friend and I fell for her
I understand..even if u r not introvert.u cant be same in chat n in person
She blocked me and after a year I confessed my feelings and she failed to acknowledge it. She blocked me again
But soon things finally changed and I somehow lost a lot of weight and now no one makes fun of me
Tbh I actually behave like that girl..
It's alright to have commitment issues
She didn't like to be close to someone so she rejected. But I am still not sure why she ignored my feelings.
May be I can tell u
Please do
Plz tell me her name if u don't mind
I want to confirm that its not me
Bcoz this is so.similar my god
Good . that's not me
Obviously, you would have recognized me by now because I already told you where I am from and my name
She ignored ur feelings is what u feel
But u confession must have bothered her for days
No she failed to acknowledge it. I mean when I say I have feelings for her. She says no ai don't
I can only hope
It's obvious..u cant expect her to like u only bcoz u like her
But I expect her to acknowledge it. As in understand that I like her
She said whatever I was feeling is not real.
Did she ever had relationships before?
not sure
That's enough about me. Tell me about yourself
Ever had feelings for someone?
Okay last question.
Did u ever wonder why she unblocked you?
She didn't, I used another account
She never unblocked me. I wish that were the case
You tell me
Then I would say she was a bit immature to behave that way
Ever had feelings for someone?
I don't know
you don't know?
M crushed by my crushes
It's easy to know. I haven't had a crush for a very long time but it's very easy to know if you like someone
Well what I mean is I get attracted to people n then I get a thousand reasons to regret doing that
Any of those reasons.... He won't like me back
So I won't use the word crush...n having feelings for someone..bcoz I mere attraction all the time
It would have been much nicer if the app allowed voice chat
My keypad is disturbing me bcoz the battery is low
Mine is not responding
N this autocorrect man..i correct it more than it corrects me
I am very tempted to get to know you better
Yeah true
Because you are interesting and you listened
Don't mention it. Just stating facts
But don't get wl hurt
I am used to pain
I dnt want to give people any..bcoz I feel what u do comes back to u too
You are not hurting me, so why are you worried
That's me
Don't worry. You won't hurt me and I will never hurt you
Pinky promise
I have a better one
Lets promise not to expect or get attached to each other
Bcoz u knw what it all starts with impression and ends in depression
How is that better
Expectations hurt
U dnt expect...u dnt get hurt
You sound like one of my depressed buddy from class
Is that you Yukti?
Hmm, very suspicious
Because she usually say such depressing things
I was depressed ..but this app helped m just trying to be safe n happy
How did this app help you?
I have set certain protocols for myself..n feel clearing my ideas to u now won't hurt u later when it usually gets too late
Why do you think you will hurt me?
This app is decent , nice..,allows u to speak without getting judged
I did judge you by the way
I dnt think I wl hurt you..
And you are interesting
Do you think I will hurt you
I just dnt to want to hurt anyone
Why wl u hurt me..i am not thinking all this
So I don't understand
I am just trying to keep everything uncomplicated.
You sleepy yet?
U can go and sleep ..i wont mind
I am not sleepy
Me neither
Let's play a game
We are filling this thread with a lot of msgs
It's your thread
I can give you my FB id and we can talk there if you want
Oh yeah, anonymous
I forgot
I meant yes its my record breaking thread
I once had a chat with someone for 7 hours
Here my Max was about 2
I doubt someone wl pop up a msg bcoz it's a grup chat n tell us to shut up and sleep
Not really, it's too late for that
Are you a good person Plucky
Either it wl help them with their boredom
Or I don't knw
Caution:M A very bad person
No you are not
I am !
You are
Not a bad person
Why would you say you are bad
In fact why are u saying m not bad?
Why are you saying you are
Saying that makes me feel good
As far as I am concerned, you are not bad
Now ur reason please
You listened to me patiently, you were polite and bad people usually don't get hurt
You are also worried about hurting other people
Guess my age
What Evelyn did to...u..I too did that to many
Do I seem bad now?
What Evelyn did to me doesn't make her a bad person. She is wonderful
Infact that's why I liked her
Not everyone thinks like that
You must be really cute to get a lot of proposals 😋
Once u reject someone their love changes to rebel
Not really. Mine just disappeared
I hope it was like that
I sometimes dnt get it...wen people confess ...if they love me or want me to love them bcoz they love me
Everyone does it to be loved back
But it is not how life works
So that adds another tagwith me that m arrogant
Rejecting someone doesn't make you arrogant
But everyone takes enough time to fall for me..n I am supposed to love them the moment they propose me
I also need time n most natural response that immediately comes to me is anger
Oh, now you sound like one of my other college friend
I understand what you are saying
I too blocked someone for a month after he proposed me..he was my best friend.. everyone else was jealous of our friendship .it was selfless.i trusted him a lot..i never was attracted to him like a boy friend ...but when we stopped talking I started missing him badly..i unblocked him..but I had already lost the old him..he said what I did destroyed all his feelings
He must have been hurt. You shouldn't have blocked him
The revenge is still on..
What I did for a month
I have been facing it for over an year
Did you try talking to him
A lot of times
Hmm, that's sad
He responded also
What did he say
But not the same way anymore
Do you miss him
Formal one word .two word replies
I miss him badly
But the type of conversation we have after that hurts me like hell
It must have really hurted him. I wish Evelyn misses me too
But I accept it was my mistake so i did give him a lot f importance after that
But never got the same respect again
Now I wonder who is more hurt ..him or me?
A month ignorance or a never ending punishment?
Both got hurt. He should have confessed before you guys became best friends
Honestly do u think I should love him?
You did ignore him when he was really hurt and I know how it feels to be rejected like that. It hurts a lot more than you think
No, I think you should do what you feel like doing. Do you have feelings for him
But everyone gets rejected and it's not the end of life
When u knw that feeling u shouldn't make someone feel like that for years.. specially if u claim to love them
What I learned from this is one should always forgive
You are right
He should be glad that you cared to get back to him. I was blocked and left blocked for a long time
I can't have feelings for him..he is my friend... I tried but I cudn't... When it's a boyfriend u differenty attracted n connected...u imagine Nd think in a different way..i can't force that feeling on me bcoz I dnt want to lose him
He will come back
N now we are just too awkward bcoz he does that
Not even his gf (in future) would do so much not to lose him
But the main problem is love ..n so it can't be solved
You should learn from Evelyn
I wish love was not a feeling but a decision
She did the right thing
Yayy... I have broken my previous record
Yes...atleast she didn't lose her self respect
Couldn't be helped. Love is meant to be felt
I hope he wou understand that some day
Me too
I gtg now. Have to study for the test
We can continue talking later
If you want
Am also was nice talking to u
You too. Good night
All the best for ur txt
I can't believe I talked to someone whose name I don't know for this long
N no next time.i dont want to get this thread any longer
Fine by me
Bye :)
Take care and Good luck