Be okay with not knowing.


It's hard
What about it is hard?
no one like being that person
Being what person
whos ok with not knowing
Why not?
knowing keeps u concentrated not knowing can make u go crazy
Oh okay. Exactly, it's something you must learn. You can't know everything, you simply don't have the lifespan to know it all. Even if you did you'd have to live forever because there's always something new to discover. It's an impossible battle to try and win and you will always be left feeling defeated and miserable.
You will suffer your whole life feeling the need to know. Try just wanting to know. That's the difference. You want it but don't need it thus you feel okay that you don't know but wouldn't mind knowing.
A good question to ask is why do you need to know?
to know !!
dose even what we know is really the knowledg
For what though?
A baby knows nothing but is happier than most.
or its what others know and want us to know
Ignorance can be bliss.
but hard when all around us know and u dont
its just know the right amout for u
What do they know?