Anyone find school teachers really uninviting when it comes to admitting mental health issues?


I had that experience, yes. It's heart breaking when they are so not empathetic and understanding
It's really difficult to go through. Especially when I look up to them as role models because my home relationship isn't great
What about your friends?
Do you open up to them?
They are very distant
I feel you. Do you think there could be one teacher who could help you? Someone who is even slightly sweet to you ?
Sometimes it's easy to make a generalised judgment about something just after you've faced one part of it
Maybe there's some other teachers who could help you
It's hard for me to speak up because of my anxiety and I don't know where to start
You can talk to me, it will help you open up to them. It's always the initial step that's hard.
I wish people were as easy to talk to in real life as online
Honestly thank you so much
Just for simply listening
I've got social anxiety and I know what you feel. There's two ways to deal with this. You either make yourself face your fear head on OR you face your fear in doses. I keep changing the strategy because the point is for me to grow and learn and not to punish myself !
What you can do it write everything down - what you feel, why you're anxious , how you want help, etc. Don't judge or stop for corrections. Just let your brain free and write as your thoughts cross your mind
Not only will it be amazingly freeing experience but you'll also get a definite idea of where and how to start talking about stuff to people. Since you basically have a script ready, it would seem less daunting
It's no problem ! I've been through depression and anxiety and am still fighting so I know what feeling bad truly is so I want to be there for anyone who is facing this and help each other out x