Ah gog there's this boss I'm fighting in this video game and it's really hard cause the controls are really limited and the camera is an over head view, and the boss moves really fast! I'm not sure how to beat it! Btw it's Metal Gear solid for anyone who's curious


Wish I could remember how'd I beat the game. That game boss was hard, but there's other game bosses out there that would make you rage.
lol I beat the boss, and there are definitely harder games
People say dark souls is really hard but once you get how to play the game it's just a matter of being careful
I think Dark Souls is a hard game, but I also think that the Resident Evil series and the Tomb Raider series are hard games to beat too.
Yeah it's fucking difficult
Especially the old ones
If you've played Ico then you know true frustration
Parasite eve is also pretty tough, it's like resident evil
I played this one game awhile ago and it was by the people who did resident evil but instead of zombies there were dinosaurs, and it was terrifying cause they could move REALLY FAST and also go into different rooms so it was a pain in the ass