Why are guys so bad at holding a conversation?


Generalized statement...I can hold a conversation like a champ
Okay, let's see you try lol
Lol okay
I'm from BC, Canada. We just got our first day of rain yesterday since almost March, which is super out of the ordinary, since we usually have rain all the time. Where are you from? Chances are with how our climate is your area is probably on fire, or flooding, or being hit by a hurricane
lol well actually not to much is going on here minus the leaves changing. I'm in Vermont. It's a little cloudy but like what are you gonna do right? Plus I kinda like it cloudy
Ah yea, must be nice lol we have been baking in the sun, jeleous of your clouds. Have you done much traveling
I mean I haven't gone anywhere recently but I've been to Bermuda, Cancun, Florida & Canada. I'm also pretty sure I might get to go to Canada again this year hopefully
Well it's good you already got to go to those places, will be a while before they are travel destinations. I haven't been able to travel very much, I went to Mexico when I was a kid and down to Seattle a couple times for shows and stuff. What parts of Canada? Just Montreal cause it's close
? Or have you headed west at all?
We didn't get to go to far, we went to Niagra falls, just like every tourist ever it was fun though, but it's been a while. I'd love to actually go to a bunch of places anywhere really
Yea me too. Furthest east I've been is Manitoba.... definitely not a tourist attraction hahaha I would love to see Niagara falls, and Montreal. I wish traveling wasn't so expensive. It's too expensive to live here and save any amount of money, unless you have some kind of miracle job lol. What do you do for work?
Well that was about to be my next question, how old are you?
I'm 25, I'm a shipper/receiver at a Volkswagen dealership, waiting on a promotion soon
Ohhhh I think that means I won? Hahaha
Sorry, I was out for food. But our ages are really off soo
Sooooo? Age is a number. My best friend is 51. Are you saying you can't hold a conversation because of an age difference? Hahah
lol no I'm pretty sure I can hold a conversation better than you although you're doing pretty well
Well how bad is this age difference then
Like 9-10 years
Ooh pshhhh that's not a lot
Like I said, I'm half the age of one of my best friends, and we hold conversations quite well
10 years doesn't sound like a lot to you? And I don't mean just for age like in general 10 years doesn't sound like a lot?
Well, time is relative right? I'm an old soul, I am often mistaken for being older than I am, not sure exactly why. Ten years does seem like a long time, if your waiting for it to pass. But recently i was talking with some old friends, telling stories and what not, and came to the realization of "Woah! That was like ten years ago!". ten years definitely is a long time, but it's pretty crazy how time can fly sometimes
I guess that's true, I'm just so scared of where I'm going to be in ten years, it's weird to think about
Looking so far ahead is bound to be scary, so many variable and unknowns, can be hard to imagine what could happen. No matter what you expect in ten years is going to change, and how you feel about it wil too. Ten years ago, I had no idea what I wanted to do, or really who I was. Throughout the years things have happened that have helped to define where I want to be, and developed my understanding of myself and my wishes. I definitely couldn't have guessed I would be where I am now ten years ago
Wow that's pretty deep and pretty helpful, I appreciate it. And I'll give it to you, you're pretty good at holding a conversation now if only people my age could do that lol
Glad I could be of service! Lol, yea honestly it's hard to find people to have decent conversation with. Compatibility is a major factor.. like, maybe the conversation you're looking for is different than the other person, and you kind of just pass by eachother like ships in the night, you know? I find that feelings of insecurity hold me back from talking about stuff that matters to me, as it could say a lot about me or something, when really, that's what conversation is about, learning about
Other people's perceptions of our reality
Yea, I've never really gotten lucky with people to have real conversations with. Especially guys thus the whole reason for this post lol I just can't wait until I'm around people with the same interests as me
Yea, I'm the same way. Meeting people is weird now. Like it almost feels creepy to strike up a conversation with a stranger. Like at a bus stop or something, but I say go for it. What's better, looking at your phone for ten minutes, or making a possible connection with another person?
Right! My friend was at work today and a bunch of friends sat down at a table and all got on their phones when they could like actually be talking to each other
Yup! Society is a whole different animal when compared to how things were....like ten years ago haha
lol exactly!
Because everything is online it definitely changed how we interact, short text messages, or pictures basically sums up our relationships
Yea, I wish we didn't have as much technology tbh
Yea, although it is super handy lol I feel like we could be making better use of it for sure
Oh for sure
So what do you do for fun? Play any instruments, or paint or anything?
I used to dance and I also used to play bass clarinet but I don't do either anymore, I'm more into art
Oh that's cool. Art as in painting?
Photography more so, although if love to draw or painy
Ah yea I like photography too, do you have a tumblr?
lol no
There's so much art!