They say I'm rude but aren't we all are rude at some point? Or maybe they think I'm rude because what I'm saying has a point. It's tiring to keep blaming myself because people around me get quickly offended with what I say. Is it my fault that they are getting more and more sensitive? I'm trying to push them to get on their feet and start doing something but it's tiring. It's tiring to help others if they don't bother helping themselves.


We have all been rude at some point
We just forget !
That they're getting more and more sensitive... Are you serious? You have no idea what people are truly going through, so no matter who it is, you need to be careful with what you say. It's good that you're trying to help but you still need to be fully aware of how you say things and the tone you use when you say it.
Stop trying to preach to them and be a friend. If they don't take your advice, then it is what it is. If they say you're being rude you need to apologize.
Everyone has been rude at some point yes but that isn't an excuse to justify you or the next person to use when someone calls you out on it. Own up to it and do better. That's all that you can do.
Sometimes people cant accept what you may see that they probably cant or dont want to see,I couldn't explain why to my own mother something was up with my brother,until she stopped and admitted it.Its hard to pull off such things to people soas poo frog said,be more careful with your words and points
What I did is gave up on most of the advices and started writing.If it gets me somewhere and it may help somebody,great,if not I spent quality time improving myself