It's amazing how my online textbook and math lessons glitch the second I want to use them


Technology is a bitch
Then my teacher wonder why my work is late. They love to put everything on the internet just to see if people are going to log into their glitchy websites.
I know, right?! Then they blame YOU for the late work!
Or they think you're trying to find a way out of the lesson. Sometimes I tell them that I have no technology (which was true at the time) but they're like "that's not my problem" or "well, find a way then or you get a zero."
God, teachers SUCK 😒
I didn't have a computer or a phone at the time, and my mom didn't like it when I stayed after school even if it was for class work because she always think I'm doing something else or something wrong there.
I was in a similar position, except I was without a printer. So I had to wake up early and go to the library across the city to get anything printed. Most of the time, that just wasn't possible
The printers at my libraries were always out of paper or ink or they were jammed or broken. And the teachers still expect me to have a printer magically appear in front of me? They don't want me using their printers because they say that it's "teachers' property".