I'm up! Just starting the day. So far, so good!


I'm bad at starting conversations.
Well, not that I've seen. You started this one! Why do you think you're bad at starting conversations?
I usually start with music or what I'm passionate about. Sometimes I would even ask about their day. I thought it would make them interested, but they only try to find a way out of the conversation.
Who's 'they'? I think music is a great way to start a conversation. Most people don't want to talk about their day, I've found. Ask them about kids or pets. I've been a weather forecaster for over 20 years, and I've found most people like to talk about weird weather. Or any weather… you could start off with something about the last storm you had. Idk, something like that, though.
'They' are people I've tried to become friends with. About weather, that's another thing that interests me. I've always wanted to be a storm chaser as a kid and have been through so many dangerous storm situations. It's a surprise that I've survived all of them.
That was me growing up, too. Very into weather, wanted to chase storms. Grew up in a severe weather prone region, lots of storms. Then I just naturally came to weather for a career. Have you been through a hurricane? I wish I could be down there doing on-the-scene reporting like on the weather channel. I live too far away from the coast. What other kinds of storms have you been through?
I've been through a hurricane that was less than 400 miles away, if that counts. I've once been through a tornado when the sirens were malfunctioning and wasn't sounding off. I've found out about the tornado by seeing it a few blocks away from my backyard. Scary moment, but gladly it didn't caused much damage.
They've used an alternative siren from emergency vehicles.
Wow! We once had a tornado while I was in school. I didn't get to see it because they made us all get away from the windows and get on the floor in the hallway. I've seen some hellatious winds though. Straight-line winds, I mean. I lived in a fjord for almost 20 years, and the wind got funneled right through it. We had winds in excess of 70 mph frequently during the winters. That's cool about them using the emergency vehicles for sirens.
It was really smart too. I wouldn't have thought of emergency vehicle sirens as a last resort. Tornadoes in my hometown seems normal to some residents there, and they may see worse when hurricane Irma makes a nearby landfall since it's near the coast.
They're known for being flooded out a lot, especially most of their main streets.
That's too bad. I spent most of my military career in the south, and saw plenty of bad storms, but was never lucky enough to be there for a hurricane. Flooding though, that's DANGEROUS. I hope the floods aren't too bad.
Hopefully it won't be as bad as the hurricane that caused a near catastrophe there earlier this year. It nearly destroyed one of my favorite military islands there and it wiped out a bridge I used to love crossing.
I've heard they've evacuated for safety reasons, but the hurricane's change of direction could impact the city they've more than likely evacuated to: Atlanta.
Yeah, I saw that. Oh, I LOVE the northern Gulf coast area. My first military assignment was in Central Louisiana, then Mississippi, then Georga, then North Carolina. My dad grew up in Florida, so I've been all over that area. I do love the south! There are several state parks and military displays that I also grew to love along the Mississippi/Alabama coast… I hope that they'll be ok! By the time Irma reaches Atlanta is should be more tame.
See that? You were very good at THAT conversation! You can do it!