I'm starting to doubt my ability to adult in life anymore


I don't care, i don't give a fuck about life anymore.
My kids are all that's keeping me alive.
That's amazing
Your kids must be great
Thank you for saying that.
For the past 4 years since moving out here I feel like I can barely enjoy them, because my head is so wrapped up in trying to survive
Not enjoy....appreciate
If you're working hard so you can give them a better life then that's even better.
Yes but I keep fucking up and now... now i dont think i can fix this...
How do you keep fucking up exactly?
Its either bad decisions or bad luck
Or as I learned last week, bad decisions leading to bad luck
Via patternwork
My wording...
It's alright, if you're trying your best and trying to be better for them then I'm sure everything will turn out fine.
I have no idea...im just going through the healing process at the worst time and it's terrifying
Hey, at least you have your kids right. Spend time with them, have fun and don't overwork yourself
Order pizza and have a family pizza day!
Did that yesterday
That's great
So what's going on for you?
Nothing really, just trying to survive this life
Well who or what is your predator? Or possibly your prey?
I honestly don't have one
Then what's wrong?
Just this generation is so fucked up its making me ashamed that I'm human. I guess I'm just so disappointed in people, or I'm just overthinking shit
May I ask your age?
I'm 16
You are but it's a valid concern and wise you're thinking of your future.
I guess. I really hope people change their way of thinking through the years.
It appears that we only change as a whole when we need to.
And that need is very basic
Make sense
All that matters is your response to said nitwits