I want to cry. Every. F*cking. Day.


Bc of everything
I dont sleep i dont eat
My parents
My friends
I dont know who i can count on and who i can trust
I just so disappointed in my life
Okaaaaay 😐
So am I
And i just found out i have severe depression
It's hard to find good people who can be trusted
But the main thing is that i want to cry, but i cant
Did you visit a psychiatric?
Did you know that 1 of them gave me medicine and crying was a side effect?
For no reason while I was walking in the street I wanted to cry
I dont take any medicine, i did and i was always asleep. And yeah but now i want to cry and i dont even need that medicine
I don't cry no matter what happens, although I feel the need to cry but I know tears won't fix anything
Try to do good to people who need it and you'll feel better
Have pets, I have 4 birds
Listen to music 😍
Yes i know i tried like everything but than my parents come and everything is fucked up again
I cant have pets
Fuck, why?
What why
Birds don't make mess
Because my parents
How old are you?
Im just 16
Too young
Yeah :)))) tell me about it
Feel thankful that you don't live in Egypt πŸ˜…
Yeah πŸ˜‚
You live in Syria?
when you tell someone you have depression or smthg like that they just tell you "no you are just sad it will be okay that is nothing serious...."
I'm from slovakia
I forgot to take my epilepsy medicine πŸ˜“
Still much better than the Arab countries
Where r u from?
Egypt πŸ˜“
I home im not bothering you but are you a boy or a girl?
I'm a 28 years old man
Oh. Wow
I don't care about the gender, I want to help humans
And animals
And all creatures as long ad they don't harm me ☺
Thats really nice
Not so nice when you're surrounded by thieves and animals who are cruel to animals and all non Muslims humans
Im sorry ://
It's not your fault
But don't let Muslims get into politics
Or they'll aim for the presidency
And you'll be in big trouble
And all of your country
Control them, when they're a minority they'll scream for "minority rights"
When they're the majority them fuck minority rights
how u turned his problem into urs , let the guy speak i mean when u want to help someone u dont start talking about ur muslim problem "charming bird"
Im a girl :DDD
ah ok
him talking about his problems , politics :| i forgot ur a girl looool
It's okay
Wtf?! I'm out of here. And Muslims are not my problem, they're the whole world problem
Same, life is so dissapointing
i bit u cant say that in the street aha
Hey! Stop arguing..
@witty tapir: I can say it in the street stupid piece of shit πŸ’©πŸ˜
I don't have any emotions
But rasist Muslims will probably "peacefully" decapitate me 😏
I'm outta here forever, piece ✌