I just went to the first day of school today. I didn't know anybody and I felt totally alone. I had to sit to a table where I didn't know any of the girls and what they were talking about. It was pretty embarrassing for me. And there was 7 people that I didn't like from grade 7 (bullies/coolkids) that is actually in the same homeroom class as me rn (Gr9)! It was the worst day of my life. I felt like crying. I felt so alone with no one to talk to.


It's so frustrating when I feel like I need someone to talk to me 24/7(not the same person but different people throughout the day or the same person). I wish I could be comfortable in solitude but I've always felt like I'm alone and that no one's there for me. So I guess when people talk to me I feel 'better' for the moment. I'm not sure...😪🙃