I just had a crazy dream just where I missed the bus stop night to get back to NJ. My friend picked me up. She kind of parked in a restricted area by error but she quickly gets out of the area. All of a sudden, we ended up in court with an old eldery female judge claiming my friend was chasing a cop car and I'm involved because I'm the passenger. Scary part, we ended up in some prison; I was scared! Waking up now on the same say to pay a fee.


y'all so I was at work and I forgot to do sth and I told my coworker I was done and she said I could leave so I left, while I was changing into my private clothes a other coworker walked in and said that the first coworker was really mad bc someone forgot to do sth and it was me that forgot it and she wrote down I had to do it and I really didn't know I had to do it, now tomorrow I'm fucked😶