Five years and a lifetime ahead shattered in an instant. He told me to delete his info - he made up his mind. Lots of pent up anger and miscommunication. Too much history to hash out here; fidelity was NOT an issue on either end. So here's my dilemma: Do I let him know about the pink plus sign I'm staring at???


Depends if you plan on carrying to term or not, I suppose.
Let him know regardless
Or if he does too much drama, then leave it (of you plan to not carry to term)
That was my first thought... to tell him. Actually, had the suspicion and made a doctors appointment. Primary care had me follow up with an OBGYN who confirmed. Major factor in breakup was me tryin to reach him. He works long odd hours. Even though i said "i went to the doctors please call me" he did not
Pissed me way off and I got on his case, caled
... called him (which he ignored/did not pick up). Type of news we would've been happy about but he got beyond irritated and told me its over, (its pretty obvious something else is going on; i don't know his actual "justification").
So given that background information… I don't know how to involve him in any decision making. It would have been welcomed news however after all this I don't want to drop that bomb over text or voicemail... probably only option at this point, yeah?
Tell him over text. And add that what you're planning to do about it.
Give it a few hours to make sure he has read it..