Behind every cynical person is a disappointed optimist


Sounds like somebody needs the wambulance
Wow you seem like the nicest person.
It's a George Carlin quote...
But what if it wasn't? What if I'm having a completely shitty day and you just made it that much worse by being such an insensitive twat?
Disappointed optimist? One can only be disappointed if they had expectation. And rather than coming from a mind of gratitude or understanding, even compassion, they didn't get what they wanted, so they're unhappy with the world bc to them, the world apparently owes them something. So who's being the insensitive twat? Sounds to me like the disappointed optimist bc they didn't get their way.
If that's how you choose to look at it. The way I see it, is that always looking at hoping for the positive outcome of a situation can become disappointing when life has thrown you curveball after curveball, causing cynical thoughts and over time a cynical outlook on life. What it really amounts to is feelings of hopelessness or feeling as if you are not worthy of happiness when you need it most. Personally I look to this app for a sense of support, because I don't have much in that respect.
So for you to mock me is rather insulting, you should look at things from different perspectives before you make such crass remarks.
Do you know me?
Do you think you know where my understanding comes from?
All I know is based on what you've said. Different strokes for different folks. I never said I knew you. Based on the fact that you would mock what could be a desperate grasp at support definitely says a lot about your character. All I did was elaborate MY feelings about MY thought. No, I don't know where your understanding comes from, but I suspect it could be a shallow pool. But hey, what do I know? All I have to go by is a couple messages, right?
All I'm saying is if I don't know you, then you don't know me. Be kind, you don't know how powerful a few words can be. You can choose to support your fellow humans or mock them and try to make them feel small.
What you choose to do, especially when it comes to complete strangers, defines who you are to that person. based on our interaction, and your willingness to mock me, I came to conclusion that you are not the type to support someone when they might need it. You would rather insert a bad joke at another person's expense, without any consideration to how it could effect that person. Have a nice life.