Aye anyone around the age 15, I just want friends lol


U a guy or girl.
Girl, why
Just wondering
Im 16
Cool, how's your day been?
Its been good. It just started a few hours ago
Nice, I'm so tired lol but it's only 2:30
Am or pm?
Pm, what time is it for you?
Its 11:30 am
Where do you live?
New Hampshire, how about you?
Los Angeles
Cool, what's your name?
Nice to meet you?
lol nice to meet you too
What city do you live in?
Are you in the city life or country life?
More country but not exactly, just kinda a small town
That's super cool
Haha I guess, how about you
I live in the city and i live 20 minutes away from downtown la
See now that's cool lol
I guess
Its just supe poluted here
Going to be in a few days
Howsss it going
Hi guys
I like pizza
I'm back
I like pizza!!! What kind do you all like??
I love everything
Does anyone here eat pineapples on pizza??
Its not a California thing