5 Simple Ways To Help Deal With Depression

Depressed Woman

  Feature Image via Pexels The World Health Organization recognizes that approximately 16 million adults had a depressive episode in 2012 – representing nearly 6.9% of the adult population, and estimates that around the world, nearly 350 million people suffer from some level of depression. Clearly, depression is a huge problem – and of course, […]

Paralign’s 2016 Year in Review

Paralign startup berlin

Another year has passed which means we have the time to reflect on what we all have done well and not so well within the past year.  The amazing Paralign team made some great strides towards providing the best thought sharing platform available. Where to begin? Let me share with you some of our milestones for the […]

How Breaking a Sweat Can Improve Your Mood

Figuring out a regular workout schedule is about more than just staying fit and looking great, it can actually improve moods. The effects can be dramatic and long lasting but the key is making a concerted effort toward establishing a consistent routine. While the workout itself doesn’t necessarily need to push you to your limits, […]

Making a Strong First Impression Count

Whether it is for a big job interview or an important first date there may be nothing more important that making a strong first impression. And while there is certainly something to be said for consistency and longevity when it comes to your follow-up interactions, the way you present yourself within the first seven seconds […]

How to Stop Feeling Helpless

I remember my dad always saying, “There is always an alternative.”  Having a slightly rebellious attitude, I had always disregarded his statement and continued to detest myself for making so many errors-big and little.  However, as I grew up and began to understand things at a more mature level, I changed my mindset and accepted critical […]

Choose your Feelings

  How do you want to feel in your life? Take a moment and a deep breath to find the answers within: joy, fun, peace, love, excitement, safety, freedom, flow, expansion, abundance, confidence, and more, much more, as much as you want. Now take another deep breath and take this in: You are meant to feel […]