[Interview] How Bradley Callow is Helping Alcoholics and Children With Behavioral Issues

Bradley Callow

Featured Image via http://www.bradleycallow.com/ Bradley Callow admits that he once considered suicide, that he was once a heavy drinker and doing some other unethical stuff which is mentioned later in this interview. However, today he is running The Moderation Institute which has a better approach to alcohol treatment – he claims his method has a […]

Managing Emotional Health As A Young Person

Young People Are More Prone to Mental Illnesses

Featured Image via Pexels Young people are among the most commonly diagnosed with mental health issues. Not only are they much more likely to be diagnosed with mental health issues like depression and anxiety, but they are also much less likely to receive proper treatment. Part of this may be the attitude that adults have […]

3 Ways To Stay Motivated With Depression

Defeat Depression

Featured Image via Pexels Lack of motivation is one of the most common – and harmful – symptoms of depression. It’s common among almost all people who suffer from depression, and harmful because a lack of motivation can lead to further depression. Think about it – depression makes you lack motivation, then you feel bad […]

Scarcity Mindset vs Growth Mindset

Thoughts become things

Featured Image via Deviant Art Jon Morrow is a man who can’t move anything but his face. Also, he says, “During my 34 years, I’ve had pneumonia 16 times, recovered from more than 50 broken bones, and spent literally years of my life in hospitals and doctor’s offices.” So what did he do? He went […]