5 Ways to Enhance Your Creativity

Creatiity Paralign

Summer is here! This is the season for new opportunities, exciting adventures, time to finally relax and get to work on those fun projects that we’ve all pushed to the back burner for the last several months. This is the time where you can pull out those new paint brushes or create that short film […]

Self-Care Techniques To Becoming Your Best Self

To a variable extent, we all yearn to live the best life possible. There may be very few people who don’t have the goal of reaching their highest potential and becoming their best selves. We all strive to achieve insurmountable happiness and contentment in life to make the most of our time here. For some […]

7 Celebrities Who Practice Daily Meditation

Many of us have heard about the devout benefits that with the commitment to daily meditation. While the names of many celebrities are often tossed about in the latest scandal or the tabloid new release, one may take a second look upon learning about celebrities who practice meditation daily. Meditation in its basic form is […]

These Affirmations Will Change Your Life

10 Affirmations that Promote Happiness and Self-Love The words we speak have a major impact on our lives and can reveal the underlying belief we have about others and ourselves. As we speak, we subconsciously solidify those beliefs to become a part of our nature while being oblivious to how this will impact our future. […]

4 Scary Statistics About Workplace Stress

Workplace stress impacts everyone.

Featured Image via Pixabay Workplace stress is one of the biggest causes of unhappiness, dissatisfaction, and poor mental health in the modern world. The scariest part about workplace stress is that many people don’t understand how critical – and potentially dangerous – it is to our mental health. Sure, everyone goes through workplace stress every […]

[Interview] How Bradley Callow is Helping Alcoholics and Children With Behavioral Issues

Bradley Callow

Featured Image via http://www.bradleycallow.com/ Bradley Callow admits that he once considered suicide, that he was once a heavy drinker and doing some other unethical stuff which is mentioned later in this interview. However, today he is running The Moderation Institute which has a better approach to alcohol treatment – he claims his method has a […]