anyone want to talk?:)


anyone want to talk?:)
Mood: mad, Intensity: 5
anyone want to talk to me?
Mood: sad, Intensity: 1
does someone want to talk?
Mood: happy, Intensity: 3
anyone want to talk dirty?
Mood: nervous, Intensity: 1
i hate when i sad but i don't have anyone to talk about it with
Mood: nervous, Intensity: 5
anyone else 17 i want to talk to people my age
Mood: peaceful, Intensity: 5
is anyone here over 18 and wants to talk about life?
Mood: peaceful, Intensity: 2
is there anyone to talk, just wanted to tell something.......
Mood: mad, Intensity: 4
if anyone wants to add some sc comment! but i don't want the bullshit small talk!
Mood: nervous, Intensity: 4
hey, anyone wanna talk? message me
Mood: nervous, Intensity: 3
anyone else here think agt is rigged?
Mood: mad, Intensity: 1
anyone wants to talk about pizza and chicken nuggets?
Mood: nervous, Intensity: 1
anyone want to start a conversation?😊
Mood: neutral, Intensity: 1
could i interest you in a conversation?
Mood: mad, Intensity: 1