7 Tips On How To Create A Strong First Impression

Whether you are greeting a potential customer or just meeting someone new for the first time, making a strong first impression is crucial for building a long-term relationship.  It only takes seven seconds for their opinion about you to be set in stone in their mind.  If you have not done so well presenting yourself in that short amount of time, it is very difficult to change their perception of you in the future.

The following are tips as to how to make that memorable first impression.

create a strong first impressionDress Appropriately

Depending on the occasion, you should dress accordingly.  For example, if you are at professional networking event, you might want to dress somewhat professional.  A t-shirt and flip flops are definitely unacceptable.  In order to avoid distracting the person you are going to talk to, ensure that your hair is nicely groomed. It is important to be aware of your appearance so that your look is not disheveled.  As the old saying goes, you dress to impress.

create a strong first impressionTurn Off All Distractions

During your interaction with the other person, it is essential that you put all your attention on them.  This includes being aware that your cell phone does not ring in the middle of your conversation.  Zone in while they are speaking and ignore the external noises and matters.  Once you do this, they will know that you genuinely care about the discussion and your relationship will flourish from there.

create a strong first impression Be Prompt

Arriving on time is one of the most important things that determine whether or not the person will create a strong first impression on you.  If you know ahead of time that there would be traffic on the road, allow yourself some extra time to get to your destination.  Getting there a couple minutes earlier does not harm and in fact, it gives you a moment to prepare yourself.

how to create a strong first impressionWatch Your Body Language

Be conscious of your hand motions and how often you are moving.  You may not notice, but it is very obvious to the person you are creating conversation with.  It is important to incorporate some hand movements to make it apparent that you are engaged in the talk.  However, crossing your arms and legs make it seem as though you are overpowering them.  Also, adding in subtle nods when they are talking will generate a friendly signal and will show them that you are actively listening.  Eye contact is crucial, however do not overdo it, because it may cause an unpleasant feeling on the other person.  Lastly, make sure you are relaxed and have released all your tensions before you met that someone new.

Be Interesting

Find something that you both enjoy and discuss further into the topic.  When you are unsure  of something or you would like to know about something in greater detail, do not hesitate to ask.  This will not only keep the conversation going but will seem as though you are


Be Yourself And Be Confident

Despite being aware of all the aspects that contribute to making a great first impression, being yourself and having confidence in yourself is just as important.  Let your true personality stand out and do not be pressured to act like someone else.