7 Physical Health Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is commonly attributed to a reduction in stress and a clearer mind. But there are so many physical benefits of meditation to go with it. Study after study has demonstrated that meditation provides a health boost in a number of key areas.
This article is going to go into some of the main physical health benefits of meditation.


Boosted Immune System


A study by the University of Wisconsin revealed that yoga boosts the immune system in the form of electrical activity in the left side of the brain. The left side of the brain is the area responsible for your immune system. Studies have shown that the numbers of natural killer cells increase when regular meditation sessions are incorporated into a healthy lifestyle.


A Better Emotional Balance


Emotional balance is about eliminating the neuroticism that plagues so many people. It doesn’t mean becoming happy about everything all the time. All emotions are healthy and the absence of one is incredibly negative for anyone.


Meditation will help you gain that emotional balance through eliminating the ‘monkey mind’. Monkey mind is where you constantly fidget over the past and the future. It’s where you struggle to the concentrate your mind on the here and now. Meditation is all about forcing you into the current moment.


Fertility Benefits


Studies have shown that stressed couples are far less likely to conceive than relaxed couples. During periods of stress, you are less likely to conceive because men naturally produce lower amounts of sperm. The motility of sperm is also reduced, so the chances are the sperm will never fertilize the egg and no conception will happen.
Relaxation, on the other hand, boosts male fertility. This is why couples who can’t conceive are stuck in a vicious cycle. They are stressed over their inability to conceive a child, which only makes the problem worse.


Meditation can go a long way to relaxing you.


Curing Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Irritable bowel syndrome is a common and painful condition experienced by people. The most common symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome are bloating and constipation. This can cause a significant decrease in your quality of life.


Meditation was shown to be immensely effective at treating the condition. It has the ability to reduce tension in the body. There’s a reason why irritable bowel syndrome usually surfaces when people are under stress.


Lowered Blood Pressure


Blood pressure is caused by stress and a bad diet. While meditation can’t do anything about the bad diet, it can address the issue of stress. Meditation reduces the volume of the brain responsible for anxiety and depression. It also makes the body less sensitive to stress hormones. Many studies have concluded that it can be just as effective as medication.




It makes sense that meditation acts as an anti-inflammatory. Inflammation happens as a result of stress, which meditation reduces. This is an important physical benefit because inflammation is a major cause of heart disease, asthma, and psoriasis. Relaxation can’t only prevent these conditions but it can treat them.


There’s still a place for medications, of course, but someone who meditates for a period of years is far more likely to never acquire these conditions in the first place.


A State of Calmness


The main physical difference between someone who meditates and someone who doesn’t is that the person who meditates is far calmer, happier, and more optimistic. Don’t underestimate the importance of this state of calmness. An upsetting thought for the person who doesn’t meditate is simply brushed off by someone who does meditate.


This means a better quality of life for someone who meditates. It can even lead to a longer life as it stalls the natural aging processes of the brain.


Part of a Lifestyle


Meditation can do a great deal to improve your quality of life. What it can’t do is entirely transform your lifestyle. It’s part of a healthy lifestyle. A good diet and regular exercise are both just as important as meditation.
If you embark upon a meditative path, you have to think about every aspect of your life in order to gain the maximum benefits from it. By opting for a strong meditative path, you can lay the foundations for improvement in all aspects of your life.




Now you know how beneficial meditation can be, you know how vital it is that you begin embarking on daily meditation sessions. It’s easy to get started, but it can take a while to master. Don’t become discouraged if your mind won’t stay quiet. Keep trying and you’ll get there in the end.



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