Scarcity Mindset vs Growth Mindset

Thoughts become things

Featured Image via Deviant Art Jon Morrow is a man who can’t move anything but his face. Also, he says, “During my 34 years, I’ve had pneumonia 16 times, recovered from more than 50 broken bones, and spent literally years of my life in hospitals and doctor’s offices.” So what did he do? He went […]

4 Famous Writers With a Mental Illness

Famous Writers with a Mental Illness

Featured Image via Pexels There has long been speculation about the link between mental illness and creativity. It’s suggested by many that, somehow, mental illness promotes creativity. This seems especially possible when you consider how many famous writers, poets, musicians, and other public figures suffered from some form of mental illness, even though there does […]

10 Hollywood Actors With a Mental Disorder


Featured Image via Pixabay Mental disorders and mental illnesses are still often highly stigmatized in our society. Few people talk openly about mental illness, and even fewer take the steps necessary to address their mental issues. However, there are quite a few high profile celebrities who suffer from mental disorders – and not all of […]

How To Deal With Loneliness – 4 Simple Methods


Image via Pexels “The eternal quest of the individual human being is to shatter his loneliness.” —Norman Cousins Nobody likes feeling lonely. Dealing with loneliness is tough – sometimes, even when you’re surrounded by people, it can feel like you’re totally alone inside your own head, and like you’re isolated from the lives and experiences of […]

Exercise and Mental Health: Happiness and Healing Through Physical Activity

Get Active and Become Healthier

Featured Image via Pexels It’s long been known that exercise is critical for physical health – a regular exercise regimen reduces the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, strokes, and contributes to a longer lifespan and increased well-being. Exercise has also been associated with increased quality of sleep – especially REM sleep, which is when […]