Trouble Concentrating – Try Meditation

Meditation is far from something that new age hippies spend their time investing in. More and more business people are realizing the benefits of taking some time to try meditation throughout the day. The harsh reality of being an entrepreneur is that concentrating is a real challenge. If you have trouble concentrating, this could be […]

How Friendships May Change Over Time

Everyone should have good friends by their side. In a recent study, those who had the most friends tended to live their lonelier counterparts by up to 20%. But everyone knows that friendships tend to change over time. Not every relationship is going to last forever, and there are many ways in which a friendship […]

5 Tips for Building Strong Relationships with Clients

Building strong ties with your client will keep them coming back for more in the future. Strong customer relationships are essential to the survival of any business. An estimated $41 billion is lost in the US every year due to poor customer experiences. Actually building these relationships, though, is easier said than done. You have […]