Stigma at its Core

Do you know how it’s like to feel ashamed? Have you ever experienced situations so traumatic that it makes you want to avoid reality? Sometimes, the judgments of others will force people into a pit of isolation to prevent any chance of rejection. During these desperate times we actually start to become our own biggest […]

The Power of Silence

Most people in the world today can’t stand silence. You know those types of individuals that have to turn on the radio or TV as soon as they wake up or enter a room? Of course you do! People will do anything in their power to prevent that “awkward silence.” But really when you think […]

Powers of Journaling

I’ve always been known as an individual who loves to write. I’m constantly jotting down ideas or scribbling in observations between the margins. When I was younger, I kept a pocket-sized notebook with me everywhere I went. I did my best to keep track of pencils but I often found myself scrounging for some type […]