Materials Won’t Cut It

Many of us were introduced into a materialistic culture at a young age. You’re not alone. This has influenced our perception on life and determined our priorities. Because we have learned that money is essential for survival, this has become a fundamental requirement of society. We were than taught the idea that the accumulation of […]

Independence versus Connectivity

Ever since we became mobile during our infant years, we have always sought to attain independence. Whether it was that spoon full of food we wanted to eat without assistance or the room we wanted to clean by ourselves. Independence is a characteristic that many of us admire but requires more responsibility than we think. […]

Discover Happiness in Helping Others

In this day and age, people blindly look outward to fill a void of dissatisfaction from life. They will accumulate wealth, material possessions, and other forms of tangible things as an attempt to maintain happiness. This form of what people consider happiness is more “fun” than anything. Physical things are fun to have but should […]

How to Make Fear Disappear

We have all heard the saying, “there is nothing to fear but fear itself” and is a quote that has served as a guideline for generations. Paralign wants you to know that your fears are not unique to you and you are most certainly not alone. However, fear is like a disease and once it […]

Meditation is the Best Medication

It’s interesting to observe how humanity has consistently looked outward for solutions. Whether in the form of a drug, material, religion or service, people think they have to go out and seek answers. The truth is that all solutions were freely given to us at birth. All you have to do is go in. Return […]

Paralign Promotes Harmony in your Life

Paralign was created with the intent of providing a fully-functional journaling application for people all over the world. Our vision was to develop a platform where users can express themselves without worry of judgment from others. A social network that allows users to connect with one another and promote the overall wellbeing of community. Indeed, […]

The Significance of Thought

What is a thought and where does it really come from? Questions such as these cannot be answered in simple terms. It is such a complex subject that has boggled the minds of researchers for centuries. There is no universal definition to what a thought is or how one is created. However, it is undeniably […]

Reprogram the Mental With Paralign

Many are beginning to realize the significance of our time. It is fair to say that mankind has been working its way out of a dark age. Dogma and institutionalized beliefs were forced upon the people and opposing views were unwelcome for centuries. Often time, these free thinkers were ridiculed, exiled and even executed. Can […]

Use Paralign to Face Your Fears!

A good friend of ours said the things that are bothering us the most are usually the keys to our development. However, since most people have a natural tendency to avoid what bothers them; no growth is made. In a world that offers so much temporary relief with few long term solutions, it is easy […]

You Are Not Alone

If you’re like us, than we’re sure you were brought up believing that we are all separate entities and the ultimate focus lies in your personal affairs. This philosophy has played a role in our perception of life, people and relationships. It has made us not believe that we are all here as comrades designed […]